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Aunion Tech Co.,Ltd.

Aunion Tech has established in 2008 and it is a professional distributor of photonics products in China. Since it’s founded, Aunion Tech devotes itself to introducing State-of-the Art technology and solutions in photonics industry from the world to China.

Thanks to aggressive spirit and the high efficient operation model, our company is growing quickly. In the past over ten years, Aunion Tech is one of the distribution companies who grow fastest at photonics field in China.

Not only to be a reseller or do products transfer, our target is to be a value-added distributor.

We offer our customers with technical consultation to help them select the right products to match their needs well. Not only learning knowledge about the products, but also we make ourselves understand the applications in detail to find the optimum combination of performance, features and cost for our customers. We also have a strong technical support force to offer our customers with the excellent technical support including the installation of products, training, trouble-shooting and software secondary development etc. As our company is providing many kinds of photonics products including all kinds of light sources, lasers, modulators, measuring instruments, precision optical components and so on, we are able to integrate the different products and offer our customers with a total solution. We offer one-stop service!  

We are not only serving our customers but also creating value for our suppliers. Firstly we help our suppliers develop business in China. We always would like to learn new technology and explore new target markets actively. Not only do we put the products’ information on our catalogue or website, but also we do help our partner develop business! We don’t wait for business, we go out and promote the products actively. Secondly as there is no jet lag between the customers and us and we’re closer to the customers, we can help our suppliers improve efficiency on the communication with the customers and offer service locally to help prevent and reduce downtime. Last but not least, as we understand Chinese market better, we could also help our partners on risk control. Currently our company is working with over 40 manufacturers. Due to our good performance, 70% of the manufacturers authorize our company as their sole distributor in China!

We regularly attend exhibitions, events and conferences to present our products , make our company and partners well-known and review the latest technologies.

As shown in our company name “AUNION”, we would like to be a A UNION which makes all of our customers, partners, employees and any other interest parties be connected closely. And we would like to build up a platform on which everyone could get what they want and be satisfied. So if you want to get a good solution, please contact us; if you want to be a professional person on photonics, please join us; if you want to develop business in China, please come to us!

Think Photonics China, Think Aunion Tech!

Business Scope

All of the companies we recommend are the top manufactures in their respective field which cover lasers, photonics, optical components, telecommunication components, bio-medical systems。 Furthermore, we keep a good relationship with the famous scientific research institutes and industrial companies in China。 The professional team from HaoLiang Tech is dedicated to providing you with the good business communication, excellent technical and logistics service

Academic Conference

Contact Us

Tel: +86-21-51083793
Fax: +86-21-34241962#8009
Mobile: +86-13761570395
Email: info@jieweikj.com
Website: www.jieweikj.com
Add: 3rd Floor, F Building, Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, No. 86 Caobao road, Shanghai 200235 P.R. China

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